Turn Your Closet Into a Boutique

Are you looking to have a fabulous, functional yet beautiful closet? You too can have a luxury closet for less! Here are some top tips and inexpensive key accessories to dress it up.

Purge Your Purse and Lighten Your Load

Big beautiful designer bags are the rage. But they can be costly to more than just your pocketbook. Check out these tips to lighten the load


New Year, New You. Start by Organizing & Purging your Closet

We all know the feeling. We have too many clothes stuffed in our closets. So why is it that every time we go to get dressed, we have nothing to wear? As we roll into the new year, try these tips to clear out your closet clutter.


Make School Lunch Prep Easy

You know how chaotic it can be getting the kids dressed, fed and out the door for school each day. It’s alway’s a mad scramble! So what can you do to ease the morning rush?


Containerize your Kitchen & Pantry

Looking for some fun organizing containers for your kitchen and pantry? I stumbled on these great products on

Inspiration Design

Make Your Bedroom A Haven

It was great to help D magazine this week with some organizing tips on keeping the clutter out of your bedroom. In their “Freshen Up Fridays” blog, I shared my expertise on the best ways to turn your boudoir into a place of rest, relaxation and romance.

Jumpstart January To A More Organized You

There’s nothing better than starting the new year by clearing out your clutter and getting control of your life. Let's start by tackling some of the trouble spots in your home.

Paring Down The Pantry

Does your pantry resemble this photo? Is it the catch-all for the entire kitchen? It doesn’t have to be!!


Chic Ideas for Organizing your Dorm Room

My goddaughter, Emma, is among the thousands of students packing up and heading to college. She’s trading her parent’s home for a dorm room the size of a closet. So how do you fit all that stuff into 250 square feet? Here are a few stylish space saving and helpful tips.

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